What is the Geneveve Treatment?

The Geneveve Treatment is an alternative to surgery, with impressive results. It’s innovative, safe and the only way of providing complete vaginal rejuvenation with a single device. The Geneveve Treatment uses the body’s very own natural processes to boost collagen production, which restores youth back into the vagina and vulva.

The vaginal opening and vaginal canal are the main targets of The Geneveve Treatment. They are tightened by the stimulation of natural collagen being formed. By boosting collagen women will notice a number of improvements, such as:

  Vaginal Laxity
  Stress Incontinence
  Increased Lubrication (reducing the feeling of dryness)
  Increased Sensitivity (which can lead to improved orgasms)

Internal and External Labia Tightening Treatment
4 x Treatment (1 week apart)     £1200

Confidentiality assured.

Vaginal Rejuvenation The Jersey Skin & Beauty Centre
The only treatment with algorithmically-controlled cooling

In order for tissue tightening and strengthening to last for 12 months and longer, substantial heating at depth is required. Cryogen-cooled Monopolar Radiofrequency (CMRF) technology does just that. It delivers volumetric heating at very specific temperatures, to encourage robust neocollagenesis.

  Reverse Thermal Gradient – This cools and protects the surface mucosa, whilst also allowing for the heating of deep tissue.
  Capacitive Coupling – This distributes energy evenly across the treatment tip, allowing for uniform heating
  Reproducible Delivery – By pre-setting parameters and algorithms, heating and cooling can be controlled with ease.
  Monopolar Energy Penetrates – Connective tissue up to 3-7 mm deep can be reached.

Who can benefit from this The Geneveve Treatment?

A number of women can benefit from The Geneveve Treatment. It improves the vagina as a whole by improving a number of specific, precise areas. This means that women with all different types of vaginal issues can benefit in some way.

Throughout life, the female body goes through a number of different stages and these all bring considerable changes. This includes puberty, childbirth, surgeries and menopause. All of this can have an impact on the vagina. Though this is natural, that’s not to say that improvements can’t be made. This is where The Geneveve Treatment comes in.

As a woman ages, the vagina changes. The vaginal walls thin, vaginal folds are lost, there’s an increased level of dryness and the possibility of pelvic issues. All of this can lead to decreased arousal, a lack of sexual enjoyment, lost confidence, pain during intercourse and even stress incontinence.

What does The Geneveve Treatment entail?
Geneveve  60mins | £2500

The Geneveve Treatment is a 3 step procedure together with a maintenance programme.

Vaginal Rejuvenation The Jersey Skin & Beauty Centre

*we recommend using a Kegel Smart for maintenance and will be providing this free to the first wave of participants.

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