Menopause and our sexual selves

Every woman will go through menopause, which is the single most complex transition a woman will experience, yet it appears that we, as a species, are wholly unprepared for it.

We all know about hot flushes or “tropical moments” as we hilariously underplay it. We also know about vaginal dryness and sexual discomfort but blush and fluster at the thought of buying a simple lubricant. What nobody has thought to tell us about is the confusion, mood swings, feelings of being unable to cope, skin softening, lessened muscle tone, bigger waists, thinning hair, feelings of frumpiness and general “where did I go?” feelings that menopause brings. We don’t like who we’ve become and lack the motivation to do anything about it so we give up rather than fight. Sadly women don’t seem to share their menopause experiences or they don’t realise that these feelings are related and so they soldier on alone and miserable. Their sexual selves get lost somewhere within all this confusion and change.

A woman who doesn’t like this version of herself can feel useless because she is not coping as well as she used to and she may find it hard to see herself as a sexual being. Even the act of having sex just to keep her partner happy, may be seen as an act of love but due to lack of lubrication in the vagina can be a painful experience. So even the “lying back and thinking of England” approach may be difficult.

NEWSFLASH – Lack of motivation is not menopause’s fault, it’s ours and we need to fight back and learn to love this new version of ourselves.

There is a lot of help out there in terms of therapy and treatments such as vaginal rejuvenation can go a long way to raising a woman’s self esteem and enjoying this time in her life.

We want to take a “woman of a certain age” who perceives herself to be old, fat, dry, sore, tired miserable and frightened and work with her to help her realise that she is in fact a “woman of a certain age” who is gorgeous, curvaceous, soft, vibrant and definitely sexy. The person she actually always was, she just needed help to find her!

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