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Fat Loss 6 week course commencing January 2017

A smoother, flatter tummy

a fat loss guarantee with
Vanquish M.E + Colonic Detox

Whether it’s your stomach or thighs, this easy 45 minute fat loss treatment targets the parts diet and exercise alone just can’t reach.

No surgery, no needles, no recovery time and absolutely NO PAIN.

*T&C’s apply. Guarantee only covers abdominal area and a ¾ inch loss is considered a loss. Colonic is optional.

I work hard in the gym and play hard at life – the definition I had created on my torso was not shinning through. Then I discovered Vanquish M.E and all my efforts can now be seen. I will definitely be looking to undergo a treatment at least once a year to help me keep on top of things… This machine is EPIC!

Vanquish was the finishing touch I needed
- Phil Le P, Guernsey

My experience of the Vaquish M.E, was fantastic.  I was skeptical at first and following the treatments I didn’t think much had changed, how wrong was I !!  The end result has been truly astounding.  The pictures clearly show a lift in my tummy, I can see my muscles again and the creases in my back have gone.  I have a much more toned appearance.

I was skeptical and then I was blown away
- Sarah R, Guernsey

After trying numerous treatments with little or no lasting effects I decided to try Vanquish M.E at the Guernsey Clinic. Well after 4 weeks treatment I am totally hooked. The results speak for themselves!

Nothing else worked … then I Vanquished
- Lisa BT Guernsey

No matter how strict I was with dieting, my sagging stomach fat just wouldn’t budge. But now it’s gone thanks to Vanquish and The Jersey Skin and Beauty Centre.

Vanquish Treatment “Beats the Buldge”
- Sarah Bishop, Guernsey


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